[FREE] Janez Janša  

by Janez Janša, Janez Janša & Janez Janša

For several years now, steirischer herbst has been accompanying the three Slovenian artists, who changed their names to the name of the former Slovenian Prime Minister Janez Janša. Their documentary movie My Name is Janez Janša is the starting point for the project [FREE] Janez Janša, a series of on-line publishing events, presenting content and free materials related to the film and which will be presented over the next months.

As the first event in the series, the essay “What’s in a Name?” by Mladen Dolar has now been published. The Slovenian philosopher, cultural theorist and film critic gives us a philosophical joy-ride through the name and naming as well as name change of the three artists known as Janez Janša, Janez Janša and Janez Janša.

The next publishing events in the context of [FREE] Janez Janša will be a special guest blog written by Vuk Ćosić and, finally, a FREE online release of the film available with subtitles in seven languages.


[FREE] Janez Janša
Presentation & screening „My Name is Janez Janša“
Forum Stadtpark, 17/12/2014, 18.00

„What's in a Name?“ by Mladen Dolar
Find the free download as pdf or ePUB file and the PRINT ON DEMAND link on free.janezjansa.si.
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„What's in a Name?“ by Mladen Dolar on issuu:

[FREE] Janez Janša is a co-production of steirischer herbst, Aksioma Institute for Contemporary Art, Lubljana and Artribune.

About Janez Janša

Janez Janša is a conceptual artist, performer and producer living in Ljubljana, Slovenia. He is the author of numerous videos, performances, installations, and new media works which have been presented in several exhibitions, festivals and lectures around the world. He is the director of the film My Name Is Janez Janša, co-founder and director of Aksioma – Institute for Contemporary Art, Ljubljana and artistic director of the Aksioma | Project Space.

Janez Janša is artist, writer, performer and director of interdisciplinary performances as well as conceptual and visual artworks. His work contains strong critical and political dimension and it is focused on the relation between art and social and political context. He is author of the book JAN FABRE - La Discipline du chaos, le chaos de la discipline, Armand Colin, Paris 1994) and has been editor in chief of MASKA, performing arts journal from 1999 to 2006. He is the director of Maska, institute for publishing, production and education based in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Janez Janša is a visual artist, working in the cross section of traditional visual art practices, conceptual art and new media. In 2003 he represented Slovenia at 50th Venice Biennial. He showed his work in Sao Paolo biennial, Prague Biennial, Limerick Biennial and on numerous other venues.