united sorry (AT/NL) & Freunde

the forest project

36% dance
17% ritual
39% nature
8% adventure
“Nature is simple, Nature is you.” Forests were once places full of magic and wild energy. Temples of the gods in which the marriage of hunter and animal was once fulfilled in ancient times. A playground of lascivious fauns, desperate nymphs and mysterious unicorns. Little is left of all that today. We take our bodies for a walk in the forest to get our fill of fresh air, not to face our innermost demons. And yet at times we do yearn for a more primeval connection with nature. From where does this longing come? Whence, for that matter, this estrangement?
The Dutch-Austrian performance duo united sorry – Robert Steijn and Frans Poelstra – are continuing to develop their “green conversations”, which they began last year for steirischer herbst, this time in close collaboration with a group of young choreographers / performers and two well-acclaimed musicians. They will delve deep into a secluded forest near Graz together with the audience in a magical trip, a shamanistic journey to the roots, a late afternoon with fauns. To experience shared moments of silent contemplation and unbridled energy, to open up the subconscious and the hearts. And, ideally, to achieve a state of green ecstasy together.
Marginal Notes 2013 with Robert Steijn
herbst remixed. Video impressions of the project.

With Eun Kyung Lee, Pieter Ampe, Vass Imre, Frans Poelstra, Robert Steijn & Jean-Baptiste Veyret-Logerias
Music Steve Heather & Martin Siewert
Costumes Anke Philipp
Commissioned by steirischer herbst
Produced by united sorry

Supported byResidency 2013 Impulstanz Wien, Chorherrenstift Vorau, Revierleitung Peggau Ing. Heimo Wechselberger, Marktgemeinde Peggau, Gasthof zur Post Familie Salomon & ESV Peggau

Dates and Facts


Thu 26/09, Fri 27/09, Sat 28/09 & Sun 29/09, 16.30

Tannebenstraße 2, Peggau

18 / 12 €
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German and English language

Talk following the third performance

The performance takes place in all weather.
Warm, rainproof clothing and good shoes are recommended.