Out of the Museum and into the Street

Hungarian contemporary art after 2010

15% power
29% public space
56% resistance
When the Iron Curtain fell in Hungary in 1989, the potential of revolutionary upheaval of which Hungary had in the past had ample – think 1848, 1956 – also seemed exhausted. Until, that is, Viktor Orbán and his national-conservative Fidesz party came to power in 2010, since when they have been pushing through ruthless reforms to rebuild the state, constitution and society in a manner which brooks no dissenting opinion, let alone criticism or contradiction. Meanwhile, the new rulers’ attacks have also reached the institutions of visual art, for example Budapest’s arts centre / Műcsarnok and the Ludwig Museum. The artists’ resistance has formed above all in the Szabad Művészek / Free Artists initiative. The exhibition curated by Adele Eisenstein for the Pavelhaus is now showcasing the latest works from this setting, contrasting them with oppositional works from the days of the communist regime.

Exhibition openings

Curatorial dialogues
herbst remixed. Video impressions of the exhibition.
Elisabeth Arlt on "Out of the Museum and into the Street".

With Erika Baglyas (HU), Gabriella Csoszó / Freedoc (HU), Miklós Erdély (HU), Borsos Lőrinc (HU), Tibor Horváth (HU), András Király (HU), Szabolcs Kisspál (HU), Szabad Művészek / Free Artists (HU), Csaba Nemes (HU), Ilona Németh (SK), Gyula Pauer (HU), Sándor Pincehélyi (HU), Tamás Szentjóby (HU), János Sugár (HU), Kívül Tágas / Outer Space (HU) & Endre Tót (HU)

Curated by Adele Eisenstein (HU)
Project coordination Elisabeth Arlt (AT) & David Kranzelbinder (AT)
Co-produced by steirischer herbst & Pavelhaus / Pavlova hiša

Dates and Facts

28/09 - 30/11
Tue - Sat 13.30 - 18.30
Sun 13.30 - 18.00

Pavelhaus / Pavlova hiša

free entry

Shuttle service to the opening
Sat 28/09, 15.00
Meeting point: Ex-Zollamt / Bus stop
Return 22.00