La Pocha Nostra (USA/MEX)

The Insurrected Body

From the series ”Psycho Magic Actions for a World Gone Wrong“

52% performance
18% cyborg
7% theatre legend
23% Native American culture
How can we remain open, original, porous, funny and critical all at once without lapsing into post-ironic jadedness or becoming one more “packaged product” for international festivals? The legendary troupe La Pocha Nostra answers this question with an inimitable, mind-blowing, eclectic blend of ritual, performance and crass entertainment. Robo-baroque, cyborg-kitsch and acid humour combine to create an exuberant hybrid of a living archive and radical pedagogy that addresses far-right isolationism, xenophobia and the violence of organised crime. For what is extreme if everything is extreme?
The audience is invited to take part in this bizarre experiment, to live through the dreams and nightmares of our current times together and to assist the performers of this strange reality show. “The Insurrected Body” tests what may at times be a clumsy, but always real and radical democratic practice, in which no two evenings are the same.

Exercises for rebel artists: Workshop

By and with Guillermo Gómez-Peña, Saul Garcia Lopez, Erica Mott & Roberto Sifuentes
Assistant Olalla Lemus & Nadja Rothenburger
Production Emma Tramposch

Production direction Dominik Jutz
Production Kirsten Patent & Petra Pölzl
Technical direction Karl Masten, Hermann Schapek
Technical direction Grazer Spielstätten Michael Doubek
Technic Grazer Spielstätten Kurt Schulz
Co-produced by steirischer herbst

Date and Facts

Thu 11/10, Fri 12/10 &
Sat 13/10, 9.30 pm
Dom im Berg

18 / 12 €

English and Spanish language

Talk following
the second performance

Dom im Berg