Anke Eckardt (D)

Between | you | and | me /
Multisensoric installation


20% broken glass
80% sound
This wall does not divide, it joins. Made up of sound and light, it only becomes a wall when actually experienced, only from up close and in motion – and, at the same moment, morphs into an experience that unites. Two thin skins of light form a visible frame filled with sound. By means of a multi-channel set-up with extremely directional – hypersonic – loudspeakers, we hear different textures of broken glass in a line of multiple soundbeams: an acoustic architecture whose constellation changes depending on the visitor’s position.

Opening and Closing


Concept and realisation Anke Eckardt (D)

Date and Facts

Austrian Première
05/10 - 07/10
Camp: White Box
12 noon - 8 pm

Thu 04/10, 7.30 pm

Sun 07/10, 6.30 pm

Admission free

Camp: White Box