Teatr.doc (RUS)

The documentary theatre Teatr.doc was created in 2002 by several playwrights as a non-governmental, non-profit, independent, joint project. Many works are carried out by volunteers. Most of Teatr.doc’s productions are documentary theatre, being based on authentic texts, interviews and lives of real people, and being an intersection of art and actual social analysis concerning topical issues. The productions are built on the basis of the material which the theatre group gathers from these people as well as “verbatim” technology, deep improvisation, theatre games and trainings. Mikhail Ugarov, born in 1956, is artistic director of Teatr.doc. He lives in Moscow and is also a director, playwright, screenwriter, art director of the annual festival for young playwrights LUBIMOVKA, head of the Partner Laboratory for Drama and Directing in Yasnaya Polyana, and one of the leaders of the New Drama Festival (now known as the New Play Festival).
Teatr.doc productions have won a variety of prizes, and have been invited to prestigious theatre festivals in Poland, France, Germany, the Baltic countries, as well as in big Russian cities. In 2003 they received the “The most creative theatre” award from the Creative magazine and in 2005 the Stalker Film Festival award. “1 hour 18 minutes” was nominated for the Russian National Theatre Award Golden Mask in the category “Experiment” and was included in the Russian Case programme of the Golden Mask 2011 festival. The documentary plays created for the theatre are widely published in magazines such as Novy Mir (“First Man”), Octyabr (“The Beauties”), Druzhba Narodov (“Month of the Dead Sun”), Iskusstvo Kino (“The War of Moldovans for a Cardboard Box”), Otechestvennye Zapiski (“The Homeless”, “The Immersion”), et al.