Workshop III
Translating the Unknown

09/10 - 14/10
English language

By Lotte van den Berg (NL) & Guido Kleene (NL)
With Achille Mbembe (CM)

The ghost world of Kinshasa is not a remote, ethereal place. It might be invisible, but it exists quite concretely next to the real world – a parallel religious sphere with great influence on daily life in the Congo. How can we relate to places and rituals that are strange to us? How can we translate experiences in a theatrical context?
The Dutch theatre-makers Lotte van den Berg and Guido Kleene spent several months together in the Congo, researching for the show “Les spectateurs”. Even though both have been inspired by first-hand experience and documentary material, their treatment is very different: Guido Kleene’s performances are rather text-based documentaries, where as the theatre of Lotte van den Berg operates in the more visual and abstract sphere.
Visiting an African church in Graz, meeting a philosopher from Cameroon, watching film material, talking to people on the streets, the participants in the workshop will be challenged to create their own interpretation of a world unknown to them.

Co-presented by NXTSTP, with the support of the Culture Programme of the European Union

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