Workshop I

Death as an aesthetical tool
History, techniques and treatments of Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP)

25/09 - 30/09
English language

By Michael Esposito (USA) & Carl Michael von Hausswolff (S)
With Heidi Harman (USA)

Electronic voice phenomena (EVP) are electronic noises in the air, resembling speech – stray radio transmissions, background noises for example. Are they sounds from another world? The artists Michael Esposito and Carl Michael von Hausswolff are two of the most renowned experts in this area, who have been researching and working artistically with EVP for many years. Together with the sound healer and psychic medium Heidi Harman, in this workshop they not only have a close look at the history of such phenomena from the spiritistic séances of the 19th century to the high tech expeditions of today, but they also work practically and theoretically on questions of recording environments with their parallel ghost worlds of sounds. How to process, identify, isolate and clean EVP captured on space specific location recordings? What characteristics do they have? What are their aesthetic and artistic qualities? And how do they relate to the sonic landscape of our world in the past, present and future?

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Carl Michael von Hausswolff (SE) was born in 1956 in Linköping, Sweden. He lives and works in Stockholm. Since the end of the 1970s, Hausswolff has worked as a composer using the tape recorder as his main instrument and as a conceptual visual artist working with performance art, light- and sound installations and photography.
In 1997 he launched a series of works under the title "Operations of Spirit Communication". This work, inspired by Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) techniques, was combining and merging sound and vision using analogue and digital technologies such as oscilloscopes, radars and sonars. These ready-made machines were showing the possibilities of ghosts and other kinds of life forms living inside a certain space or inside the electricity grids.
Hausswolff was also a freelance curator at Färgfabriken Centre for Contemporary Art and Architecture in Stockholm. From 1999 until now he has curated retrospective exhibitions by the works of the EVP pioneer Friedrich Jürgenson, his long time colleague Leif Elggren, and Swedish electronic music pioneer Rune Lindblad. He also curated a special exhibition of works by his mentor Brion Gysin as well as works by Max Fredriksson, Henrik Rylander and Henrik Andersson.

Michael Esposito (US) is an experimental artist and researcher in Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP). He is a descendant of Alfred Vail, who invented the Morse Code with his partner Samuel Morse, and Jonathan Vail, office manager and assistant to Thomas Edison.  Michael studied communication theory at Purdue University, University of Notre Dame, American University in Cairo, Egypt and Governor's State University. Michael is the co-founder of Phantom Airwaves an institution dedicated to the study and education of EVP research. Michael has developed concepts, theories, and testing methods of capturing and presenting EVP using structures and frequencies commonly found in relationship to experimental music. Michael combines EVP with field recordings and related frequency tones of research sites to provide an audio-archeological picture ###

of both sides of the veil. This allows him to present EVP to the audience in a manor that enables them to hear the voices more audibly and understand the voices within the context of their environment.
Michael has participated in hundreds of paranormal investigations globally using his techniques and theories within the field of EVP.

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