Cupola Bobber (USA)

Public Question Library

34% performance
17% discourse
49% game
What is a good question? Perhaps one that reveals something. Or one that precipitates a discussion. Or perhaps the best questions are ones that have no certain answers. What does the government have to do with me? When I am a spectator, do I still take part? What does cool mean? What is a community and where is mine?
A question is like an empty box without a lid, waiting to be filled. The “Public Question Library” is a growing collection of questions contributed by citizens and visitors to Graz. Perhaps a community is simply a group of people reflecting on the same questions.

  Cupola Bobber: Public Question Library    

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By and with Stephen Fiehn & Tyler Myers
Commissioned by steirischer herbst

Date and Facts

Festival district: Shop
27/09 - 30/09, 2.30 - 9.30 pm
Sat 01/10 & Sun 02/10,
11.30 am - 9.30 pm

Admission free

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