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Temple of Reason
A crisis-stricken total art work for the herbst opening
17% seeing and being seen
20% celebration
44% search and find
19% knowledge

The economic situation is becoming ever more precarious. The games are starting to change. Autumn is coming.
A temple stands at the beginning of this steirischer herbst like a portal. A real temple. A temple of reason. But does reason help any more, now that it seems almost impossible to explain the causes of the crises, great and small? When we no longer know which apples to compare with which oranges? What reason, anyway, when there seems to be hardly any criteria anymore?
In the temple of reason we question routines of life and get to know new skills. We look, learn, wonder, contradict, repeat, measure, approve and refuse. In a time in which answers are always representative of other possible answers, the priests in our temple of reason are all representatives themselves. They become like that which they represent, but never completely: Actors portray what they have seen, liquidators, trustees, brokers represent the former owners, assistants represent professors, lawyers represent their clients. What is representation, what is authenticity?
Theater im Bahnhof, raumlaborberlin and steirischer herbst develop an unusual arrangement in which visitors are confronted with questions and answers between individual discussions, instant lectures, marathon conversations and clear demonstrations. Between the serious side of life and serene contemplation. A temple in which well-being, transfiguration and cognition are sometimes not clearly distinguishable: The art of surviving with art lives in everything!

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Commissioned by steirischer herbst
Project sponsors Think! & AVL Cultural Foundation
Project partners Java Cafe & F. TRENKA / Eucarbon

Thu 24/09, 7.30 pm

EUR 16/ EUR 10

On air tip:
FM4, Im Sumpf Spezial
at Sun 27/09, 9 pm
Der Tempel der Vernunft oder die Niederkunft der Radiozunft
Thomas Edlinger and Fritz Ostermayer from the steirischen herbst 2009 opening

Philosophical Dialogue
in the Temple of Reason

Isolde Charim & Andreas Findeisen
Audiodocument (202 min)

By raumlaborberlin (D), Theater im Bahnhof (A) & steirischer herbst

With Jacob Banigan, Heike Barnard, Beatrix Brunschko, Isolde Charim, Reinhard M. Czar, Heinrich Daporta, Juliette Eröd, Thomas Fehlmann, Andreas Leo Findeisen, Gert Friedrich, Christopher Frisee, Ilse Garzaner, Kurt Garzaner, Ingrid Gspurning, Ursula Groier, Nina Gründler, Gudrun Gut, Markus Hacker, Johanna Hierzegger, Pia Hierzegger, Gabriela Hiti, Eva Maria Hofer, Eva Holzer, Elisabeth Holzmeister, Alexander Isola, Lorenz Kabas, Irina Karamarkovic, Moke Klengel, Markus Kohlbacher, Josefine Lampesberger, Rupert Lehofer, Pastor Leumund, Johannes Moder, Lukas Moder, Jakob Moder, Johanna Moder, Julia Nograssek, Viktor Pali`c, Julius Pittner, Frans Poelstra, Nadine Puschnigg, Anna Reupichler, Alexander Schedler, Inge Schenk, Franz Schuh, Katrin Schwaiberger, Jürgen Siegert, Robert Siegert, Paul Sommersguter, Robert Steijn, Karl Stiboller, Ernst Stummer, Lisa Wampera, Ulrike Weinhofer, Gerhard Weißensteiner, Markus Wilfling, Vincenz Wizlsperger, Peter Zeder-Strobl, Miha Zenkl, Martina Zinner & Otto Zinner

Concept & Room design Benjamin Foerster-Baldenius, Markus Bader, Andrea Hofmann mit Julie Weideli & Josephine Ziebarth
Bespielung Ed. Hauswirth, Monika Klengel & Helmut Köpping
Dramaturgy Kira Kirsch & Florian Malzacher
Production Kirsten Patent
Assistance Andreas Sundl
Coordination Sabine Reisner
Assistance Marie-Theres Rainer
Light design Sabine Wiesenbauer
Video Ulrich Reiterer
Sound design Johannes Egger
Technical direction Hermann Schapek
Crew Artbox & reddog
Catering Eckstein Event GmbH


Theater im Bahnhof