05/10/2006 – Klaus Lang: fichten
06/10/2006 – Writing Acts
13 + 14/10/2006 – Dictionary of War
15/10/2006 – CAMPSHOW Styria: Sleep-In and the finale
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Around 200 journalists were accredited. The résumé drawn by the media can be found
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Les Ballets C. de la B. (B)
Alain Platel (B)
Dance theatre after Monteverdi
Alain Platel, Fabrizio Cassol, Les Ballets C. de la B.
Schauspielhaus Graz

control, participation, collaboration
and open sources
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von Tim Etchells, Constantin Luser, Milena Markovic & Rosa Pock
Randnotizen : 19/10/2006 : Constantin Luser : Steppe 7

The steirische herbst festvial 2006 ended on 15/10. More than 46.000 people visited 280 events on 25 festival-days. Over 500 artists, theorists and other participants were involved. We are particularly pleased about the stage production and concert audience level of around 95%.

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