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lecture: Branco Milanovic

lecturer: Branko Milanovic (USA)
titel: „Global inequality during the last fifty years: Inequalities between countries and between people“

link to the exhibition:SLUM

Su 24/09, 19.30

Neue Galerie
Armin Linke/Paola Di Bello (I), El Perro Santiago Diaz (E), Susan Chales de Beaulieu/Jean Baptiste Farkas (F), Dionisio Gonzalez (E), Kazuo Katase (JP), Ou Ning & Cao Fei (CN), HA Schult (D) and Guy Tillim (ZA).

Curated by
Peter Weibel (A)
Günther Holler-Schuster (A) & Christa Steinle (A)

Sun 24/09, 7.30p.m. Branko Milanovic (USA)
Fri 06/10, 7.30p.m. Zygmunt Bauman (P/GB)
Sa 14/10, 7.30p.m. Slavoj Zizek (SI)
(Canceled!: Sun 15/10, 7.30p.m. Mike Davis (USA))

Sun 24/9, 6.00p.m. Guy Tillim, photographer; living in Johannesburg (ZA)
Sun 1/10, 7.30p.m. Armin Linke, photographer; living in Milan (I)
Sat 7/10, 7.30p.m. HA Schult, action- and installation-artist; living in Cologne (D)
Fri 6/10, 18.00 El Perro Santiago Diaz, artist group with multimedia influence from Madrid (E)

Neue Galerie Graz